Hyperbolic Plane Crochet Model

Hyperbolic CrochetA crochet model of a hyperbolic plane is simple to make, and fascinating to play with. With these models, learning about hyperbolic geometry becomes kinesthetically available.

Until recently, some mathematicians thought that hyperbolic geometry was purely theoretical and could not be effectively modeled in the real world. Here is one I finished recently.

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How to Teach Chess

IMG_6133Attempting to organize chess playdates for my five year old showed me that parents struggle to effectively introduce their kids to the game.  Many won’t even try it, while others undermine their kids by letting them win“.

So I delved into my high school chess club experience, remembering the approach of one visiting coach in particular, and developed this chess teaching method, primarily for my child’s friends’ families to use.

It turns out that this method can be used by “teachers” of any level of chess experience and ability to introduce complete novices to the game.  This super-simple method can also be used to consolidate skills and re-build confidence of players who are feeling anxious about their ability.  All you need to start is a regulation chess set, the rules, two people and this method.

You can download the method as a pdf here: How to Teach Chess_v2   or click the “Continue reading” link to see it on the web.

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